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Taking care of each other

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The capital of Alabama is Sweet Home

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Woman speaks out against misogynistic abuse and is met with misogynistic abuse from men who believe misogynistic abuse doesn’t exist and that she should stop making them look bad.

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I am awake but at what price

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  1. The compliment every white guy in a movie has given his movie girlfriend: Wow.. you.. you look great.
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sorry boys, but I already got my eyes on a guy who’s not interested

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Title: Born Hater
Artist: Epik High
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Born Hater | Epik High feat. Beenzino, Verbal Jint, BI, Mino, Bobby

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things girls do that I love:

  • offer their friends sips of their coffee drinks without being asked
  • scratch each others back
  • say things like “smell this lotion I bought this weekend”
  • compliment each other’s eyebrows 
  • that thing when they agree with you and their eyes get really wide and they nod their head solemnly 
  • throw out each others gum wrappers or chip bags when they get up 
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How Song Minguk listens to music.

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I don’t want to learn in a classroom anymore. I want to travel and talk to people and learn that way. I want to learn as I go, gathering knowledge and not being rigorously tested on it. I don’t want to lose passion in the things I like because of the worry of exams. I want to fuelled by snippets of knowledge I gain from people and be inquisitive. School has stolen my passion for the things I’m interested in and I hate it for that. 

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